Palestinians strapped to bed, wearing diapers, tortured: Horrors of Israeli detention center

Whistleblowers within the Israeli military have exposed the harrowing conditions at a detention center nestled in the Negev desert. The facility, identified as the Sde Teiman camp, stands accused of subjecting Palestinian detainees from Israel’s Gaza invasion to torture.

Details reported by CNN illustrate a scene straight from a nightmare: rows of men, clad in gray tracksuits and blindfolded, imprisoned within barbed wire enclosures under the harsh glare of floodlights.

According to reports, the facility, situated about 18 miles from the Gaza border, is split into two sections: one with enclosures where around 70 Palestinian detainees face severe physical constraints and another housing a field hospital where injured detainees are bed-bound, wearing diapers, and fed through straws.

Whistleblowers describe an atmosphere rife with fear, where detainees are forbidden from even whispering to each other and are forced to sit motionless, their heads bowed under the weight of oppression.

Detainees allegedly endure beatings as punishment, not interrogation, with some suffering amputations due to injuries sustained from relentless handcuffing. It is alleged that medical procedures are conducted by individuals lacking proper qualifications, with little concern for the well-being of the patients.

CNN reported that guards face accusations of employing disproportionate force as a means of punishment, while detainees regularly experience degrading treatment such as dog attacks and aggressive searches.

Israeli military responds

In response to CNN’s inquiries, the Israeli military offered assurances of adherence to detainee rights and promised investigations into any alleged misconduct. However, the military’s statement sidestepped addressing the specific accusations leveled by the whistleblowers.

The Sde Teiman camp is just one in a network of military installations reportedly repurposed into Israeli detention centers following Israel’s atrocities in Gaza. Under the Unlawful Combatants Law, detainees can be held without charge for up to 45 days before potential transfer to formal prison facilities.

The covert nature of these Israeli detention centers has drawn strong rebukes from human rights advocates, who argue that transparency is paramount to prevent such egregious abuses. Satellite imagery analyzed by CNN reveals a significant uptick in construction at the Sde Teiman camp, suggesting an expansion to accommodate more detainees.

Currently, more than 9,000 Palestinians are detained under conditions that rights groups assert have significantly worsened since October 7th.

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