Roadside vendor in hot water for cooking parathas in diesel for 35 years

A recent video originating from India has sparked a heated debate among online users. The video showcases a roadside food vendor in Chandigarh, reportedly frying a traditional “paratha” using diesel fuel, stirring controversy over food safety standards.

The viral footage captures the cook at a local ‘dhaba’ showing his unconventional cooking method. In the clip, he openly admits to using diesel as a frying medium, asserting that it boosts the flavor of the paratha.

His actions, claiming over three decades of experience and churning out hundreds of parathas daily, have triggered widespread concern regarding food hygiene and safety practices.

Despite his confidence, experts have weighed in, suggesting that the parathas might actually be cooked in recycled oil, a common practice among roadside eateries.

The use of diesel, a substance not intended for human consumption due to its harmful chemical composition, has raised serious alarms within the health community. Ingesting diesel poses significant health risks, ranging from digestive issues to long-term complications.

The viral footage has reignited discussions surrounding the regulation and inspection of street food vendors across India. Many voices have called for stricter oversight to ensure the quality and safety of street food, emphasizing the importance of consumer awareness.

As the video continues to circulate, it serves as a stark reminder of the criticality of food safety measures and the potential hazards associated with unregulated street food practices.

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