Muneeb Butt reveals humiliating audition experience: ‘I ran home and cried’

Muneeb Butt, who has now established himself as a household name in the entertainment industry, opened up about his early days, revealing a humiliating incident that occurred during an audition.

“I remember walking into the room, full of hope and excitement,” Butt began. “But the moment I entered, I was asked to get up from my chair by a guy because it is where actors sit. I was told to sit on the floor. It was a small thing, but it felt like a huge blow to my dignity.”

The actor further added, “What was even more surprising was that I wasn’t even offered a drink of water. It was a hot day, and I had been waiting for my turn for hours.”

“When I asked the guy for some water since he was offering it to everyone else, he responded that this water was only for actors. If you want water, you can get it from the cooler with the guard outside,” Butt continued.

“So after listening to this, I ran home and cried and was disheartened. However, I never made it my weakness. I was rather determined that one day I would achieve this position and gain respect.”

Despite the tough start, Muneeb Butt has managed to carve a successful career in showbiz. He has proven that talent and perseverance can overcome even the toughest obstacles.

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