Pakistani students share harrowing details after safe evacuation from Kyrgyzstan

Subsequent to recent attacks targeting Indian and Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan, a special flight from Bishkek, carrying 180 passengers, including 140 Pakistani students, landed safely at Lahore Airport.

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi personally supervised the arrival, emphasizing the government’s commitment to the safety and welfare of its citizens abroad. Minister Naqvi was present at the airport ahead of the flight’s arrival, ensuring all necessary arrangements were in place.

“The life of our children is of utmost importance,” he stated. “We must prioritize bringing back those who are injured. Our primary goal is to save lives and ensure their safe return.”

Students express relief

Upon touchdown, the students were warmly received by the Interior Minister. He also sought firsthand accounts from the students about the situation in Kyrgyzstan to better understand their needs and the ordeal they faced.

The students expressed relief and gratitude for the prompt action taken by the Pakistani government. Many shared their concerns about safety and the difficulties they encountered during the attacks. The Minister assured them that their safety remained the government’s top priority and efforts were underway to address their concerns.

Official sources reveal that they plan additional evacuation flights to bring back other stranded Pakistanis from Bishkek. These special flights will operate soon, ensuring more citizens can return home safely.

Pakistani students injured

A mob attack by locals in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, injured dozens of students, including 14 Pakistanis.


The Pakistan Embassy in Bishkek stated that locals attacked foreign students, including Pakistanis, following a brawl with Egyptian nationals a few days prior. The situation escalated, leading to attacks on hostels housing students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Students recounted harrowing experiences of danger and torture during the attacks. Despite their perilous situation, the Pakistani Ambassador reportedly downplayed the severity of the situation, leaving many feeling abandoned.

“Our lives were in danger, and we were being tortured,” one of the students said. “But the Pakistani ambassador kept telling us that everything was normal. We felt abandoned.”

Violence in Bishkek

Local media reports detailed large crowds gathering in Bishkek, furious over alleged conflicts between locals and foreigners. It prompted riot police deployment and arrests.


The violence erupted following a harassment incident involving female students from Egypt, escalating tensions between local and international students.

The Pakistani Ambassador reassured them that they had the situation under control and advised Pakistani students to stay indoors until normalcy was restored. The embassy remained in contact with students and their families, providing assistance and support.

Prime Minister directs support

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed deep concern over the situation and directed the Pakistani Ambassador to provide necessary support to the students. He assured constant monitoring of the situation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar also reacted, contacting Kyrgyz authorities to ensure the protection of Pakistani students. He instructed the Ambassador to fully facilitate them.

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