Rakhi Sawant faces death threats amidst critical health crisis

Former Bigg Boss 15 contestant and renowned entertainer Rakhi Sawant is confronting a dual crisis as she battles a critical health condition while grappling with alarming death threats. Sawant, famed for her vivacious personality and antics, recently underwent surgery after being diagnosed with an ovarian tumor, a development that has rocked her world.

Adding to her woes, Sawant’s ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, has been actively sharing updates about her health with the media and via social media platforms. Despite the support from Singh, Sawant’s ordeal took a sinister turn when her lawyer, Falguni Brahmbhatt, disclosed disturbing details about ongoing threats to her life.

In an interview, Brahmbhatt revealed the harrowing situation, stating, “I have been informed by my client Rakhi Sawant that she is facing threats to her life. Over the past few days, she has received menacing calls, accompanied by dire warnings of consequences.”

Brahmbhatt further elaborated that while Sawant has been advised to file a First Information Report (FIR) regarding the threats, her current health condition impedes immediate action. Sawant, currently convalescing post-surgery, is determined to pursue legal recourse once she is discharged.

Meanwhile, Ritesh Singh provided a health update on Sawant’s condition, assuring concerned fans of a successful surgery outcome. However, he revealed that Sawant’s recovery is fraught with challenges, citing fluctuating blood pressure and stress-induced diabetes as ongoing concerns.

Medical experts have prescribed rigorous bed rest for several months, with Sawant slated for a 15-day observation period.

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