Israeli drone attack kills Hezbollah fighter in Southern Lebanon

A Hezbollah fighter was reportedly killed in southern Lebanon as a result of an Israeli drone strike, according to a source on Thursday.

Tensions between Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas, and Israeli forces have escalated since the October 7 attack by the Palestinian faction in southern Israel, igniting conflict in Gaza.

The deceased Hezbollah fighter, identified as Muhammad Ali Nasser Faran from Nabatieh, was confirmed by Hezbollah officials to have been killed in the airstrike, as per a source.

Lebanon’s National News Agency documented that a drone targeted a vehicle on the route to Nabatieh, a city adjacent to Lebanon’s border with Israel, resulting in the death of the driver. Additionally, three children aboard a nearby school bus sustained injuries, as stated by a civil defense member to AFP.

The children suffered minor injuries due to shattered bus windows and were promptly transported to a medical facility.

Since the commencement of the cross-border hostilities, a total of 429 fatalities have been reported in Lebanon, predominantly militants, alongside 82 civilians, according to figures compiled by AFP. Israel has reported the loss of 14 soldiers and 11 civilians on its side of the border.

The ongoing violence has heightened concerns of a potential full-scale conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, reminiscent of their 2006 war.

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