Veena Malik slips from bridge as her daredevil act takes a wrong turn

Veena Malik, the renowned Pakistani actor, mimicry artist, and host, has once again captured attention, this time not for her on-screen talents but for a bold stunt that has left the internet divided.

A recent video making rounds on social media shows Malik on a perilous hanging bridge in the northern regions of Pakistan. The bridge, notorious for its dangerous nature, serves as a vital passage for locals and has become a hotspot for thrill-seeking vloggers and travelers.

In the footage, Veena Malik is seen crossing the swaying bridge. However, a moment of misstep sends her teetering on the edge, narrowly avoiding a potentially disastrous fall.

The video has sparked controversy, with opinions sharply divided. While some commend Malik’s courage, others criticize what they see as over-the-top theatrics aimed at garnering attention.

Critics argue that while the bridge is hazardous, it can be crossed safely with focus and caution. Malik’s antics, they argue, detract from the genuine risks faced by locals.

Social media has been flooded with reactions, with users branding Veena Malik a “drama queen” and offering humorous takes on the situation.

For Veena Malik, the viral video has thrust her into the limelight once again, sparking debate about her actions. As opinions swirl, one thing is clear: Malik’s ability to captivate audiences, whether on-screen or off, remains undeniable.

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