Pakistani man who designed doors of Kaaba passes away

Renowned craftsman and entrepreneur Muhammad Ashiq Hussain, the man who designed doors of Kaaba and made significant contributions to the holy sites in Saudi Arabia, has passed away.

Originally from Ahmad Pur Sharqia, Pakistan, Ashiq’s journey began as a shepherd in Medina in 1970, later rising to prominence as a gold trader.

His company, entrusted with prestigious projects, including the central doors of the Kaaba and the covering for the Black Stone, garnered international recognition for its craftsmanship.

Despite initial contracts awarded to other firms, Ashiq’s meticulous work and dedication led to his company taking over, resulting in the installation of the iconic doors in just 15 days.

In recognition of his services, the man who designed doors of Kaaba requested soil from the Kaaba, symbolizing his deep connection to the sacred sites he served.

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