Sultana Siddiqui exposes bizarre demands made by celebs at Hum Awards

Sultana Siddiqui, a prominent figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, has voiced concerns over the growing commercialization of Hum Awards in a recent interview.

Siddiqui, who rose from being a single mother of three to heading one of Pakistan’s largest channels, Hum TV, highlighted what she described as “alleged award fixing” and the increasing tendency of stars to attend award ceremonies solely for financial gain.

Siddiqui revealed how celebrities now prioritize receiving trophies or financial compensation before agreeing to participate in award shows. She cited an incident at the Hum Style Awards where a star inquired about the likelihood of receiving a trophy before confirming attendance.

Such behavior, according to Siddiqui, undermines the authenticity of awards and erodes the industry’s culture of appreciation and recognition.

In addition to criticizing the trend, Siddiqui discussed her efforts to preserve the integrity of awards by organizing ceremonies abroad to promote Pakistani culture. She recounted Hum TV’s successful awards ceremony in Canada, despite financial uncertainties, as an example of this commitment.

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