Iqrar Ul Hassan talks about considering a fourth marriage

In a candid interview on Ahmed Fozan’s podcast, renowned Pakistani journalist and television anchor Iqrar Ul Hassan opened up about his personal life, particularly his much-discussed multiple marriages.

Iqrar Ul Hassan, who is currently married to three women — Quran Ul Ain Iqrar, Farah Yousaf, and Aroosa Khan — stated, “I am not afraid of commitments; I didn’t marry anyone by force. I didn’t do multiple marriages by choice.”

“I wasn’t fond of multiple marriages like people say that he got married to three women because of his pleasure-seeking nature; it isn’t like that,” he added.

He went on to elaborate, “You can have other opportunities without marriages, and those opportunities seem better than marriage, which is apparently a responsibility. I can’t say why I married these women; sometimes you love someone, sometimes the other person loves you. I didn’t plan, and it happened.”

The conversation took an intriguing turn when Ahmed Fozan inquired if Hassan might have an unplanned fourth marriage, given the unplanned nature of his previous marriages. To this, Hassan responded with a blend of humor and sincerity, “Well, I can’t say anything about it, only Allah knows.”

In an earlier interview, Farah Iqrar revealed surprising and previously undisclosed details about Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage. She opened up about her personal life and her thoughts on her husband’s marriages.

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