Sonya Hussyn talks about why she doesn’t want to marry

Sonya Hussyn, admired for her talent and style, has won over audiences with her versatile performances in many dramas. As a single actor, her fans are often curious about her plans for marriage.

In a recent appearance on Nadia Khan’s show, Hussyn spoke about her ideal wedding and explained why she remains single. Hussyn disclosed that she was previously married, but her Nikkah ended, and she has been single ever since.

During the interview, the actor described her vision for a dream wedding, expressing a preference for a ceremony similar to Mahira Khan’s, which she finds elegant and inspiring. She favors a clean and sleek aesthetic, avoiding ostentatious decorations and extravagant banquets.

On the topic of her single status, Sonya Hussyn shared her thoughts on modern relationships. She believes that many men today lack the chivalry and gentlemanly behavior that were more common in the past.

For Hussyn, these qualities are essential in a partner. She stressed the importance of marrying for the right reasons, advocating for waiting until the perfect match is found rather than caving to societal pressure.

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