World’s largest cargo ship MSC Anna docks at Karachi Port

The world’s largest cargo ship, MSC Anna, has made a historic arrival at Karachi Port, setting a new benchmark in the port’s storied history.

The massive vessel, which set sail from India’s Port Mundra, docked at Karachi port earlier today. The MSC Anna, known for its impressive size and capacity, measures 400 meters in length and can carry up to 19,638 containers.

A spokesperson for the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) confirmed that the ship is loaded with 19,638 containers. Following the completion of regulatory procedures, the unloading process will commence. The MSC Anna is scheduled to depart after a one-day stopover.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the port administration has organized an arrival ceremony to celebrate the ship’s docking. This event highlights Karachi port’s vital role in international maritime trade and its capability to accommodate such monumental vessels.

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