Activist Julie Khan calls out Ducky Bhai and other YouTubers

In a recent appearance on Maria B’s popular podcast, prominent intersex rights activist Julie Khan delivered a powerful critique of societal hypocrisy and the misuse of religious rhetoric to justify questionable behavior.

Khan, renowned for her clear-sighted advocacy and relentless efforts for intersex rights, has long been a beacon of change and inspiration. Her latest remarks have once again stirred significant attention and debate.

During the podcast, activist Julie Khan highlighted how the intersex community has historically faced disdain, often reduced to stereotypes of dancers, while society now celebrates similar expressions on platforms like TikTok. “It is ironic,” she noted, “that children from families who once criticized our community for dancing are now celebrated TikTok dancers. What was once derided is now considered talent.”

Khan didn’t stop there. She also criticized popular YouTubers who engage in questionable behavior and then seek to sanctify it with religious expressions. As an example, she cited the case of YouTuber Ducky Bhai, who shaved his head and face after reaching six million subscribers, only to conclude with “Al Hamdulillah.”

“This behavior exposes society’s hypocrisy,” activist Julie Khan asserted. “It undermines the decades-long struggle of the intersex community for recognition and respect.”

Julie Khan’s comments have sparked a conversation about the changing perceptions of what is deemed acceptable and praiseworthy in society, calling for a reflection on how far we have truly progressed in our attitudes towards marginalized communities.

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