India accuses Pakistan of assassination attempt on Salman Khan

In an unexpected development, the Navi Mumbai Police have arrested four members of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang for allegedly plotting an attack on Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The police have registered an FIR against 17 individuals connected to the case, including Lawrence Bishnoi, Anmol Bishnoi, Sampat Nehra, and Goldy Brar.

The suspects, identified as Dhananjay alias Ajay Kashyap, Gaurav Bhatia alias Nahvi, Waspi Khan alias Wasim Chikna, and Rizwan Khan alias Javed Khan, had reportedly conducted surveillance on Khan’s residence and farmhouse in Panvel. According to reports, Ajay Kashyap contacted an individual named Dogar in Pakistan via video call to arrange for weapons, including AK-47s, to be smuggled into India for the attack.

The accused allegedly planned to target Khan and then flee to Sri Lanka. However, their scheme was foiled by vigilant police efforts.

This plot raises significant questions about the motivation behind such a drastic move. It appears that the attackers believed they needed high-powered weaponry from Pakistan to succeed in their mission, underscoring Khan’s perceived invincibility.

The bizarre scenario evokes a cinematic image: a shadowy figure in Pakistan coordinating the transport of arms across the border to target one of India’s most iconic film stars. This incident highlights both the extensive fan base that would do anything for Khan and the extreme lengths his adversaries are willing to go.

While the investigation continues, the involvement of international elements and the high-profile nature of the target have brought this case into sharp focus, reflecting the real-life dangers faced by Bollywood celebrities.

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