Arts Council and Special Events Committee host ‘Siyan Fahmiyan’ book launch

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Special Events Committee hosted the book launch ceremony of Fahmina Arshad’s column compilation ‘Siyan Fahmiyan’ at Haseena Moin Hall.

The event was presided over by Mahmood Shaam. Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Imrana Maqsood, Zeb Azkaar Hussain, Khurram Sohail, Hassan bin Rizwan, and Hira Shabir shared their thoughts. Asif Ali Asif was the moderator of the event.

Mahmood Shaam, in his presidential address, said that the blood of traditions is flowing; revolutionary steps need to be taken to correct the deteriorating situations. Fahmina has eloquently articulated the mention of the decline in thought, stating that people become blind toward societal evils.

Fahmina has utilized the power of the pen in her book. Mehtab Akbar Rashdi commented that while the topics in the book are old, the style is new. Zeb Azkar Hussain remarked on Fahmina’s special ability to articulate hidden psychological nuances in simple language. Imrana Maqsood remarked that this is not an ordinary book; Fahmina has expressed complex ideas in a very understandable Urdu.

Today’s youth doesn’t read Urdu because the authors write in such complex Urdu that it becomes difficult to read. Iqbal Latif expressed that Arts Council is the best institution of literature and art; the unveiling of the book feels like bride.

Fahmina’s writings were commended for articulating societal injustices in simple language, as noted by Khurram Sohail. Hira Shabir remarked on the uniqueness of the book’s title and its captivating content.

Hassan bin Rizwan highlighted the dire situation of education, with millions of children not attending school and those who do falling below international standards. He praised Fahmina for her efforts in improving children’s literature to maintain educational standards.

In conclusion, Fahmina Arshad thanked all esteemed guests, lamenting the ongoing moral decay in society and advocating for equal emphasis on the upbringing of men alongside women to foster societal improvement.

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