Thief enters house, falls asleep in AC and gets woken up by police

A man was arrested on Sunday, after he was found sleeping soundly in a house he had broken into with the intention of robbing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The man, heavily intoxicated, had turned on the air conditioner and dozed off on the floor.

The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday in the Indiranagar area of Lucknow. The house, which belonged to Dr. Sunil Pandey, was unoccupied at the time as Dr. Pandey is currently posted in Varanasi. The intruder gained entry by opening the front gate of the house.

Once inside, the man moved to the drawing room, where he noticed the air conditioner. He turned it on, lay down on the floor, used a cushion as a pillow, and quickly fell asleep.

Neighbors of Dr. Pandey noticed the front gate ajar and immediately contacted him. Since Dr. Pandey was away in Varanasi, he informed the police. When officers arrived, they found the man fast asleep with the air conditioner running. A photograph taken at the scene shows the thief clutching a mobile phone in his right hand while in deep sleep.

DCP North Zone R Vijay Shankar commented on the unusual arrest, stating that the man had entered the house with the intention of stealing but succumbed to his inebriated state. “He was heavily drunk, which caused him to fall asleep and not wake up. The incident was reported by the neighbors, leading to his arrest,” the officer told local media.

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