Inauguration of ‘Magical Lines of Endless Mosaic’ at Arts Council Karachi

President of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, inaugurated the art exhibition “Magical Lines of Endless Mosaic” by renowned artist Chitra Pritam as the chief guest. The event saw participation from notable artists across Pakistan, including the former Minister of Health Saad Khalid Niaz and other distinguished personalities.

During his speech, Muhammad Ahmed Shah shared his thoughts, highlighting Chitra Pritam’s unique style and noting that Chitra was awarded the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz twelve years ago, gaining significant recognition. He mentioned that in earlier times, paintings used to sell for fifty or a hundred rupees, and some artists even gave away their masterpieces for free.

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He remarked on the substantial progress art galleries have made in recent years, contributing to the improved financial well-being of artists. Shah discussed global investment trends in art, noting that initially, Europe and America were the primary investors, followed by Japan, China, and India. He pointed out that due to the high prices of Indian paintings, the average person could not afford them.

With the advent of digital mediums, Pakistani art has reached various countries, including the USA, Dubai, and Bangladesh, connecting Pakistan to the global art scene. He emphasized that forty years ago, no artist could have imagined taking their work outside Pakistan.

Shah also noted that Chitra ensured his children received a high-quality education, spending a substantial amount of money earned through his painting career. He mentioned that the third-year thesis projects of students from the Arts Council’s art school are often sold even before being displayed.

Shah praised Chitra for bringing his learned skills to the world, marking a continuous journey of excellence. He stated that Chitra’s previous exhibition was outstanding, and this one is equally remarkable, showcasing his life’s work and passion as a full-time painter.

Former Sindh Health Minister Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz expressed his admiration for the vibrant colors in Chitra Pritam’s paintings, acknowledging his hard work and achievements. Chitra Pritam thanked everyone for their support, expressing gratitude towards Muhammad Ahmed Shah for his significant contributions to art and culture. He affirmed that his journey in art will continue.

The exhibition features 63 pieces of Chitra Pritam’s artworks, showcasing his exceptional talent.

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