Arts Council Karachi pays tribute to renowned actor Ayaz Khan

The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi’s Stage Show Committee organized a ceremony to pay tribute to the renowned actor Ayaz Khan at Jaun Elia Lawn. The ceremony began with the presentation of a showreel highlighting Ayaz Khan’s illustrious artistic career, capturing the hearts of the audience.

Distinguished personalities graced the occasion, including President of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmed Shah, Ayaz Khan, Dr. Huma Mir, Iqbal Latif, Saadat Ali Jafri, Shehzad Raza Naqvi, Amjad Shah, Ahmed Arsalan, Islahuddin, Kashif Khan, Salomi, Khalid Zafar, Babar Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Shehki, Ali Gul Mallah, Ali Raza, Ayub Khoso, Ghazali Javed, Saleem Iqbal, Faisal Qazi, Sharafat, Iqbal Shah, Saleem Javed, and Rauf Lala. Nouman Khan was the moderator of the event.

President Muhammad Ahmed Shah lauded Ayaz Khan’s remarkable contributions to the field, emphasizing his ability to spread joy and laughter among audiences. “Ayaz Khan has been a beacon of light in the entertainment industry for decades, bringing smiles to countless faces,” remarked Shah. He also highlighted his four-decade-long relationship with Ayaz Khan.

“Ayaz Khan is a member of the governing body. Being an actor does not mean you are not decent or cultured. Ayaz bhai’s acting does not seem like acting. He has always shown love to everyone. None of us has ever come from another planet. The Arts Council belongs to the artists. There was no institution for artists in Pakistan. Those who came after migration established this institution. All big personalities, including Z.A. Bukhari, used to come here. I am grateful to everyone who has worked for this institution since 1999. Hatred can be eliminated with love. I remember all the good things.”

Amjad Shah credited Ahmed Shah for the vibrancy of the Arts Council, bringing together writers, artists, and poets under one roof. He lauded Ayaz Khan for excelling in both scriptwriting and stand-up comedy while maintaining cultural decorum in his performances.

Dr. Huma Mir shared her admiration after watching the showreel, which encapsulated many fond memories of Ayaz Khan’s career. She expressed her admiration for Khan’s ability to effortlessly evoke laughter, noting the challenge of making people laugh in a world often inclined towards sadness.

Chairman of the Stage Show Committee, Saadat Ali Jafri, praised Ayaz Khan for his unique acting style and long-standing contribution to the arts. “My association with Ayaz Khan is fifty years old. I pay tribute to his services and thank everyone who helped make this event possible,” Jafri said.

Ayaz Khan expressed gratitude towards the Arts Council for keeping the spirit of artists alive. He thanked the President and everyone present for honoring him. “An artist’s true identity lies in their character. The Arts Council has initiated a commendable tradition of paying tribute to artists during their lifetime, for which I am grateful to President Muhammad Ahmed Shah.”

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