PAK vs IND: Wasim Akram‘s prediction for T20 World Cup, Waqar Younis disagrees

The much-anticipated clash between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup promises to be a spectacle for cricket fans worldwide.

As two of the cricketing giants prepare to face off in the USA, legendary Pakistani cricketers Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram have weighed in on the outcome, each backing a different side. While Waqar believes the Pakistan cricket team has what it takes to secure a victory, Akram favors Indian squad.

India and Pakistan started their tournament journey differently, with India dominating Ireland in their opener while Pakistan losing to USA.

Waqar, in an interview with Star Sports, shared his insights: “My heart says Pakistan, but from what I’ve seen so far in this tournament, the pitch in New York is very much for the faster bowlers. So, it evens it out a little bit just purely because of the surface in New York.”

Akram, however, pointed out India’s historical prowess: “If we look at India’s form, India generally is a better team. Better team in a way that they’re favorites heading into that game. I will give 60% to India and 40% to Pakistan. But, it’s T20I, one good innings, one good spell, the game can change quickly. I think everybody is looking forward to the game of the tournament.”

Despite historical precedents favoring India, the unpredictable nature of T20 cricket keeps the excitement high, with both teams eager to make their mark in the tournament.

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