US-Israel rescue operation using fake aid truck kills over 200 Palestinians

A US special ‘hostage cell’ reportedly played a pivotal role in the rescue of four Israeli captives, as detailed by Axios citing a US administration official.

Meanwhile, exclusive footage obtained by Al-Jazeera revealed Israeli special forces utilizing an aid truck and civilian car to carry out the operation.

The visuals show civilian vehicles, accompanied by Israeli military tanks, entering the western regions of the Nuseirat camp. This occurred amidst airstrikes aimed at the camp and several central areas of the Gaza Strip, leading to over 200 Palestinian fatalities and numerous injuries to date.

The Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza have vehemently condemned what they term a ‘horrific massacre’ orchestrated by the Israeli forces, accusing them of collaborating with American forces stationed on a floating dock despite assertions of its humanitarian purpose.

Maintaining resilience, the Committees declared the retention of over 130 captives as a testament to the steadfastness of the resistance against formidable technological and military odds posed by Israel and its allies.

The families of the Israeli prisoners have urged the government to secure the release of all 120 detainees held in Gaza, while reports indicate the loss of an officer from the Yamam Unit during the rescue operation.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army has disclosed the operation’s coordination between the Internal Security Service (Shin Bet) and the Special Police Unit, with images aired by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation capturing the transfer of detainees to army helicopters amidst pursuit and gunfire from Palestinian fighters.

The death toll from the Nuseirat massacre has surged to 210, with over 400 injured, according to the Government Media Office in Gaza. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital is overwhelmed, with many wounded and deceased, predominantly children and women, receiving inadequate medical attention due to resource scarcity.

Against the backdrop of ongoing conflict, Israel faces allegations of genocide before the International Court of Justice, with Gaza’s Ministry of Health reporting staggering casualties since the commencement of hostilities on October 7.

The relentless Israeli offensive has plunged Gaza into acute famine, leading to numerous deaths, particularly among children, and forced the displacement of nearly two million people, marking Palestine’s largest exodus since the Nakba of 1948.

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