Pakistan seeks amicable ties with India, sets conditions

Federal Minister for Information, Attaullah Tarar, emphasized Pakistan’s desire for amicable relations with all its neighboring countries, while outlining conditions necessary for normalizing ties with India.

In a significant statement on Pakistan-India relations, Tarar highlighted the country’s commitment to fostering good relations with its neighbors and achieving economic recovery. He stressed that economic development is unattainable without peaceful relations with neighboring countries, asserting that such peace must be grounded in equality.

“Discrimination against minorities in India and the resolution of the Kashmir issue are major obstacles to establishing good relations between our countries,” Tarar stated. “While the path forward is challenging, it is inevitable that progress must be made.”

In a diplomatic gesture, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif extended congratulations to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his re-election and swearing-in ceremony. Sharif conveyed his felicitations through his social media account on X, which was met with a warm response from Modi. The Indian Prime Minister retweeted Sharif’s message, expressing gratitude for the “warm wishes.”

“Thank you @cmshehbaz for your good wishes,” Modi wrote on X, marking a positive exchange between the leaders of the two neighboring countries.

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