Pakistan cricket team faces backlash, calls for Dhoni’s mentorship grow louder

Following the series of lackluster performances by the Pakistan cricket team, prominent public figures are voicing their concerns about the team’s direction and focus. Actors Fahad Mustafa and Salman Saquib Sheikh, known as Mani, have emerged as vocal critics, each pointing out different issues they believe are impeding the team’s success.

During a recent conversation with Waseem Badami on a local network, Fahad Mustafa did not hold back his criticism of the current state of Pakistani cricket. He particularly questioned Shadab Khan’s performance and suggested that players might be overly distracted by their social media presence and financial interests.

“It’s all about money,” Fahad expressed with frustration. “They’ve learned how to make money,” he added, emphasizing his belief that the team’s focus has shifted away from the game itself. Fahad even proposed a bold solution: a two-year hiatus from cricket to help players rediscover their passion for the sport and their dedication to representing their country.

Fahad’s remarks echo a growing sentiment among fans and analysts who feel that cricket, once a source of national pride, has become entangled in politics and lucrative distractions.

Adding to the critique, Mani shared his perspective via Instagram Story, suggesting that the team’s struggles stem from a psychological issue. He pointed to the Pakistani players’ admiration for Indian athletes and the pervasive influence of Indian cinema on Pakistani culture.

“It’s time for Pakistan to rethink its strategy! We’re obsessed with Indian films and our players idolize Indian athletes,” Mani wrote. “The issue is psychological. Let’s take it to the next level and bring in a mentor like the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni to help us finally beat India on the field!”

The concerns raised by these actors highlight a broader dissatisfaction among the Pakistani public and cricket enthusiasts. The team’s recent defeats have not only impacted their rankings but also dampened the spirits of their supporters. These critiques underscore a pressing need for introspection within the team and its management.

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