Arts Council Karachi holds condolence reference for renowned artist Mansoor Rahi

The Karachi Arts Council Fine Art Committee organized a condolence reference in honor of renowned artist Mansoor Rahi. The event began with a screening of a short reel on Mansoor Rahi’s life.

Speakers at the event included President of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmed Shah, Anwar Jaffri, Chitra Pritam, Farrukh Shahab, Maher Afroz, Farhan Qureshi, S.A. Noori, senior art teacher Abdul Hameed, A.S. Rind, and Mak, who shared their insights and memories of the artist.

President Muhammad Ahmed Shah remarked that Mansoor Rahi was influential in transferring his art to the youth and had organized many exhibitions at the Arts Council. Anwar Jaffri described Rahi as a smart man whose personality was reflected in his work, noting his punctuality, respect for his tools, and friendly nature. He also highlighted Rahi’s connection with mountains, evident in his canvases.

Chitra Pritam praised Mansoor Rahi as an institution himself and an asset to the country, revealing a unique and beautiful style through his work. Jamal Shah, speaking via video link, emphasized the importance of education and experience in excelling in any field, highlighting Rahi’s expertise in art and his continuous efforts in teaching.

Farhan Qureshi described Rahi as a compassionate person, an exemplary teacher, and an excellent artist who brought Pakistani art to global recognition. S.A. Noori mentioned Rahi’s ability to make art simple and accessible, inspiring many through his teachings on PTV. Abdul Hameed noted that, unlike many who keep their skills to themselves, Rahi always tried to teach his work to his students with paternal care.

Mak shared that when Mansoor Rahi attended his art exhibition, he appreciated his work and advised that an artist should ensure their brush strokes are not in the corners or center of the painting. A.S. Rind concluded that even absorbing a little of Mansoor Rahi’s knowledge is a significant achievement.

The condolence reference was moderated by Shakeel Khan.

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