Israeli FM allocates $35M fund from Palestinian Authority to Israeli terror victims

In a statement released today, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich declared a controversial decision to redirect approximately NIS 130 million ($35 million) from frozen Palestinian Authority (PA) funds to victims of terrorism, characterizing it as an act of “historic justice.”

Smotrich argued that the Palestinian Authority’s practice of providing financial support to the families of individuals involved in attacks constituted “encouragement and favoritism towards terrorism.” He pointed to recent legal rulings that had awarded compensation to victims of such attacks, asserting that the redirected funds were a means of addressing these court judgments.

“The PA’s policy of rewarding terrorists and their families is deeply concerning and undermines efforts towards peace and stability in the region,” Smotrich stated.

“By reallocating these funds to victims who have suffered due to acts of terrorism, we are standing up for justice and supporting those who have borne the brunt of such violence.”

The decision further exacerbates tensions and unfairly targets innocent civilians who rely on these funds for their livelihoods.

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