Bridge built for 401 million collapses before inauguration

Araria, Bihar: A segment of an under-construction bridge in the Kursakanta area collapsed dramatically into the Bakra River on Tuesday. The concrete bridge, intended to ease travel between Kursakanta and Sikti, disintegrated within seconds, despite the significant expenditure of ₹12 crore (PKR 401 million) on its construction.

Eyewitness videos depict the bridge tilting precariously on one side before plunging into the swift current of the Bakra River. Crowds gathered on the riverbanks, capturing the collapse on their phones, with onlookers running for safety as debris fell into the water. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

The bridge, which had not yet been inaugurated, was a critical infrastructure project aimed at improving connectivity in the region. The collapse occurred before it could serve its intended purpose, raising concerns about construction quality and oversight.

Footage also showed people dangerously close to the unstable remnants of the bridge while others stood beneath the intact sections on the riverbanks. Authorities have cordoned off the area to prevent further risks to the public.

The portion of the bridge that collapsed was situated over the river itself, while sections on the riverbanks remain intact. An investigation into the cause of the collapse has been initiated to determine the factors that led to this structural failure.

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