Arts Council Karachi hosts mesmerizing dance and musical program

The Arts Council Karachi and the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Karachi, Pakistan, collaborated to organize a dance and musical program, “Kanya (Poetry in Motion),” at Auditorium I. The event was attended by a large number of spectators, including the President of the Arts Council, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, and the Consul General of Sri Lanka, Jagath Abeywarna.

On this occasion, President Muhammad Ahmed Shah praised the Sri Lankan artists for their excellent performances and expressed pride in their contributions. He emphasized the importance of continuing cultural exchanges between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Consul General Jagath Abeywarna acknowledged the consistent support of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in promoting Sri Lankan culture and lauded President Shah’s dedicated work in the arts and culture field. He announced plans for more programs in Karachi soon.

Chandana Wickramasinghe expressed gratitude to the Arts Council Karachi for the opportunity to perform and congratulated all the artists for their outstanding performances. During the program, Sri Lankan artists delivered exceptional performances of “Janagi Malaya,” “Ukusa,” “Hoiya Hoiya,” and “Rathnadeepa.”

The Chandana Wickramasinghe Dancers Guild showcased remarkable dances, including “Laila Me Laila,” “Heritage of Sri Lanka,” “Traditional Devadasi,” and “Riddham Rata,” and their drum performance on “Thammattam” was highly appreciated by the audience.

Sri Lankan singer Sonal Prabhashitha received great applause for singing the Pakistani songs “Pasoori” and “Kanayari.” In contrast, singer Mahesha Sundamali captivated the audience with her renditions of “Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho Ya Aftab Ho” and “Lag Ja Gale.” The unique style of singer Wikee also drew significant attention from the audience.

In the end, President Muhammad Ahmed Shah presented a shield to Chandana Wickramasinghe and flowers to the singers.

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