Ducky Bhai caught cheating and slapped by wife

Pakistani YouTuber Saad Rehman, widely known as Ducky Bhai, has once again captured the internet’s attention with a sensational prank video that has gone viral.

In his latest vlog, Ducky Bhai, along with his wife, Aroob Jatoi, staged a fake fight to prank Aroob’s mother. They convinced her that Ducky was romantically involved with other women and cheating on Aroob.

The couple took the prank further by engaging in a heated argument, which ended with Aroob slapping Ducky hard in front of her mother. This dramatic moment has taken social media by storm, attracting both laughter and backlash.

Critics have slammed the couple for exploiting their relationship for views and money. Many viewers expressed outrage, accusing the YouTubers of disrespecting the sanctity of marriage for the sake of internet fame.

Despite the controversy, the video has garnered thousands of views, proving once again that Ducky Bhai knows how to create buzz.

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