Katrina Kaif finally breaks silence on pregnancy rumors

Speculation surrounding Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif’s rumored pregnancy has surged on social media following her recent absence from the public eye.

Photos and videos depicting Katrina Kaif in loose-fitting attire have sparked widespread conjecture that she may be expecting her first child with husband Vicky Kaushal.

The actor, who tied the knot with Kaushal in December 2021, has historically been a magnet for such rumors, which have intensified in recent weeks.

A viral video showing the couple strolling through London ignited further speculation, with fans and media outlets analyzing Kaif’s choice of wardrobe, particularly her oversized coat, for signs of a concealed pregnancy.

Despite the swirling rumors, Katrina Kaif’s PR team, Raindrop Media, has stepped forward to dismiss these claims as unfounded. They have urged media outlets to refrain from publishing unverified information, emphasizing the importance of respecting the privacy of public figures.

Throughout this period, Katrina Kaif has maintained focus on her career, actively engaging with her audience while gracefully navigating the persistent speculation surrounding her personal life.

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