Mathira blasts Nadir Ali for crossing the line with women

In a recent episode of The Fahad Ansari Show, popular TV personality Mathira didn’t hold back as she called out podcast host Nadir Ali for his controversial behavior.

Known for his blunt and often inappropriate questioning style, Nadir, who initially gained fame as a prankster and social media content creator, has been facing mounting criticism from guests who feel cornered and disrespected on his show.

Reflecting on the contentious episode, host Fahad Ansari commented, “I saw that episode, and you looked very uncomfortable.” Mathira, in response, didn’t mince words: “I thought it would be how it usually is when people invite you to their chat shows. I had good respect for him, but the stunts he pulled…”

Mathira further elaborated, “I think, in some regard, it’s not just me. He’s against women. He’s tried to corner every woman who has been on his show. So that’s very wrong.”

According to Mathira, the boundary between being funny and being vulgar is a slippery slope. “You can’t pull off anything by being vulgar and posing uncomfortable questions that aren’t even funny.”

Nadir’s interviews, known for crossing the line, have garnered massive viewership, but the backlash is growing. Mathira’s bold stance echoes the sentiments of many who feel that respect and decorum should not be sacrificed for entertainment.

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