Ali Sethi publicly reveals his queer identity and stuns fans

Ali Sethi, the acclaimed Pakistani singer known for his soulful melodies, recently made a significant personal revelation on social media, subtly acknowledging his queer identity.

Widely beloved across the subcontinent for his musical prowess, Sethi’s public acknowledgment marks a milestone in his career and personal journey.

In an Instagram post commemorating the end of Pride month, Sethi shared a throwback photo of his younger self along with a heartfelt message.

“Hi, little one. I know it’s hard sometimes when they tell you to not be you, but the very thing that makes you different will become a source of tremendous beauty and power. Love awaits #happypride,” he wrote, encapsulating a message of self-acceptance and resilience.

ali sethi

While rumors about Sethi’s sexual orientation have circulated for years, this is the first time the singer has openly discussed it. His revelation has resonated deeply with fans, many of whom had long speculated about his personal life.

Previously, in 2023, Ali Sethi found himself in the spotlight amidst speculation about his supposed marriage to fellow Pakistani artist Salman Toor. Despite the swirling rumors, Sethi clarified on social media that he was not married, debunking the false reports and light-heartedly suggesting they might help promote his upcoming work.

ali sethi

However, the recent Instagram post made by Ali Sethi has not been without its share of controversy. While many fans celebrated his openness and expressed support, others responded with homophobic remarks and criticism.

Sethi’s openness also positions him as one of the first Pakistani celebrities to publicly embrace and celebrate their queer identity.

The singer, known for hits like Chandni Raatein, Umran Langiyaan, and the globally acclaimed Pasoori, continues to navigate both fame and personal revelation in the public eye.

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