Arts Council Karachi pays tribute to renowned painter Naheed Raza

The Arts Council Karachi paid tribute to renowned painter Naheed Raza at the Haseena Moin Hall. The event was attended by prominent figures from the art world, including President of the Arts Council Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, Tanveer Farooqi, Khursheed Haider, Moin Farooqi, Wahab Jaffar, and Munawar Ali Syed. Naheed Raza’s son, Azfar Ali, and other art-related personalities joined the event via video link. The ceremony was moderated by Shakeel Khan.

The event began with a showreel showcasing Naheed Raza’s artwork. In his speech, President Muhammad Ahmed Shah expressed his admiration for everyone associated with the council, recalling the challenging conditions of the Arts School when he first joined. He praised Naheed Raza, the first principal of the Arts School, for her remarkable contributions to the field of art and her ability to produce outstanding students at a time when the concept of art was not widely recognized.

Farrukh Shahab highlighted Naheed Raza as a pioneering figure in an era when even men hesitated to adopt fine arts as a profession. Naheed Raza expressed her gratitude to the Arts Council and emphasized the importance of valuing art, stating that nations that appreciate art tend to prosper. She noted that understanding art can be challenging but, once comprehended, it reveals deep emotions and perspectives.

Khursheed Haider remarked on the profound emotions in Naheed Raza’s paintings, particularly those addressing women’s issues. Moin Farooqi shared his experience writing a critical article about Naheed Raza, recalling how she invited him to discuss his points, leading to a fruitful conversation. Tanveer Farooqi admired her work, acknowledging the challenges she overcame in an era when female painters were rare. 

Naheed Raza’s son, Azfar Ali, recounted his mother’s difficult life, balancing her passion for painting with her responsibilities at home. Artist Wahab Jaffar praised her distinctive style, especially the Chawkandi series, and Munawar Ali Syed reflected on the prominent role of women in Karachi’s art scene, naming Naheed Raza and Raffat Apa as educated and skilled contributors. 

The event celebrated Naheed Raza’s enduring legacy and her significant impact on the art world, honoring her contributions and inspiring future generations of artists.

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