Culinary icon Naheed Ansari passes away after battle with cancer

Naheed Ansari, a beloved culinary expert renowned across Pakistan and internationally, passed away on Friday after a courageous fight against cancer.

Known affectionately as Naheed Apa, Ansari dedicated more than 35 years to the culinary arts, profoundly influencing the field with her exceptional cooking skills. Her cooking shows were not only a hit in Pakistan but also enjoyed a global following, with viewers appreciating her mastery of recipes that brought joy to countless kitchens.

Beyond her television presence, Ansari served as the director of Creative Hands by Naheed Ansari, where she shared her culinary expertise with aspiring chefs and home cooks through highly regarded summer courses in cooking and baking. Her contributions to the culinary world extended well beyond the screen.

Naheed Apa was cherished not just for her professional accomplishments but also for her gentle demeanor, which inspired and guided many within the industry and beyond. Her passing leaves a significant void in the hearts of those who knew her, both personally and through her television presence.

Sidra Iqbal, a prominent TV host, expressed profound sorrow over Naheed Ansari’s death, reflecting on her substantial impact on the culinary community and the numerous lives she touched with her passion for food and generosity of spirit.

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