Mathira opens up about her experience as a single parent

In a recent interview with a local channel, Mathira, well-known television personality, model, and mother of three, opened up about her journey as a single parent following her divorce in 2018. She spoke candidly about the pressures and hardships she encountered, emphasizing the strength she found in her children.

Mathira recounted how her three sons became her primary support system, describing how she took on both maternal and paternal roles in their upbringing. “When the relationship with their father ended, it fell on me to fulfill the role traditionally played by a man. It wasn’t easy, but stepping into that role made me stronger than I ever imagined,” she shared.

Highlighting societal double standards, Mathira pointed out the disparity in how single mothers and fathers are perceived. “When a single mother achieves something, there’s often skepticism about who helped her behind the scenes. Yet, when a man accomplishes something, he’s praised without question,” she remarked. She underscored the challenges faced by single mothers, navigating these roles while contending with societal judgment.

Mathira also spoke about her struggle with severe postpartum depression after her third pregnancy, a battle she felt was often overlooked. “People are slowly becoming more aware of postpartum depression and the hormonal changes that come with it,” she noted, advocating for greater understanding and support for mental health issues.

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