Mehenur Haider reveals why she stopped wearing burqa

Mahenur Haider, renowned for her role as ‘Apana’ in the popular drama Khay, recently shared a candid account of her experience with wearing and eventually abandoning the burqa.

In a revealing discussion on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast, Mahenur Haider disclosed that while her family is devout, they do not traditionally wear burqas or cover their heads with dupattas. Despite this, she began wearing a burqa in ninth grade.

However, her father’s unexpected reaction — a laugh followed by questioning the authenticity of her choice. “What hypocrisy is this?” he questioned. It made her reconsider her decision. Mahenur now understands his emphasis on internal growth before external symbols.

Facing ridicule from friends and lacking support from her mother, who felt uneasy about her altered appearance. “Mahnoor, you look strange with us. When we go out, you don’t seem like part of our family,” her mother often remarked.

Now, Mahenur Haider feels liberated and chooses to wear a burqa on her own terms, opting not to cover her head with a dupatta to avoid public scrutiny for any perceived inconsistencies in her appearance.

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