Arts council Karachi pays tribute to renowned singer Hasan Jahangir

The Arts Council Karachi, under its Stage Show Committee, paid tribute to renowned singer Hasan Jahangir at Auditorium II. The event saw the attendance of notable figures from the music industry, including the President of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, along with Azhar Hussain, Amjad Shah, Saadat Ali Jafri, Kashif Grami, Ayub Khoso, Akhtar Ali Akhtar, Kamal Mughal, Taha Saleem, and Ayaz Khan.

The event commenced with a showreel showcasing the artistic journey of Hasan Jahangir, moderated by Nouman Khan. President Muhammad Ahmed Shah praised Hasan Jahangir, calling him a true and good human being. He highlighted Hasan Jahangir’s famous song “Hawa Hawa,” noting that if it were released today, it would earn millions. Shah credited artists like Hasan and Umer Sharif for elevating Pakistan’s reputation in India, dubbing Hasan a “messenger of joy” and thanking the government of Pakistan for recognizing the contributions of artists.

Saadat Ali Jafri remarked that while people may turn to dust, their work remains remembered. Azhar Hussain shared that all personalities associated with art and culture are appreciated at the Arts Council, reminiscing about playing the drums in Jahangir’s renowned song “Hawa Hawa,” which brought them global recognition. Akhtar Ali Akhtar, recalling his 25-year relationship with Hasan Jahangir, noted that despite his immense fame, Hasan Jahangir never let it go to his head and emphasized the importance of valuing him.

Kashif Grami pointed out that under Ahmed Shah’s leadership, the Arts Council not only holds memorial references but also celebrates artists’ work during their lifetimes. He lauded “Hawa Hawa” for making history, mentioning how people still sing the song 40 years later. Kamal Mughal praised Hasan as a sincere friend and an excellent human being, while Zahid Shah called him a pride of Pakistan. Taha Saleem mentioned the creation of a street and an academy in Taimura Library named after Hasan Jahangir, while Ayaz Khan admired Jahangir’s energetic singing style, likening it to oxygen for his identity.

Imran Sajid reflected on the difficulty of gaining recognition abroad but noted that Hassan Jahangir is easily identifiable due to the large crowds he attracts. Amjad Shah recalled a time when no wedding ceremony was complete without Jahangir’s songs, highlighting his popularity among women. Ayub Khoso remarked that speaking about Hasan Jahangir is akin to capturing the ocean in a jar, recognizing his fame across the subcontinent.

Hasan Jahangir expressed his gratitude, feeling shy about the praise he received, and emphasized that God created humans to help one another. He believed that using God’s given strength with honesty leads to success. At the end of the event, the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to Hasan Jahangir.

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