Google engineer designs the world’s first AI dress

Christina Ernst, a software engineer at Google and founder of, has garnered widespread attention with her latest creation: the “Medusa dress.” This groundbreaking piece features robotic snakes designed to detect faces, marking a unique fusion of fashion and technology.

In a viral Instagram reel, Ernst showcased the dress adorned in black with three golden-colored snakes encircling her waist, complemented by a large robotic snake around her neck.

She explained, “I engineered this robotic snake dress, and it’s finally done. I coded an optional mode using artificial intelligence to detect faces and orient the snake head toward the person observing you. So, maybe this is the world’s first AI dress? Surveillance state, but make it fashion.”

Ernst, known for promoting robotics education for girls through, also revealed her journey in creating the dress, including failed prototypes and the intricate programming behind the face-detection feature.

Her Instagram posts documenting the dress’s development have captivated millions, amassing over 2.9 million views and 1.4 lakh likes.

“My robotic Medusa dress is finally done!!!” exclaimed Ernst in the post’s caption, celebrating the culmination of her innovative creation.

The “Medusa dress” not only pushes the boundaries of wearable technology but also highlights Ernst’s commitment to merging creativity with advanced engineering concepts. As interest continues to grow, this pioneering project sets a new precedent at the intersection of fashion, AI, and robotics.

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