Snake bites man, man bites back harder, snake dies

In a peculiar incident in Bihar, India, a 35-year-old railway worker, Santosh Lohar, killed a snake by biting it back after it attacked him. The event occurred on Tuesday evening in a forested area near the city of Nawada.

Lohar was resting when the snake suddenly bit him. Reacting instinctively, he grabbed the snake and bit it twice, ultimately killing the creature. This act is rooted in a local superstition that claims biting a snake in return neutralizes its venom.

“In my village, there’s a belief that if a snake bites you, you must bite it back twice to neutralize the venom,” Lohar explained to India Today. The species of the snake remains unidentified.

Following the incident, Lohar was quickly taken to the hospital by his colleagues. He was administered antivenom and kept overnight for observation. According to the Times of India, Lohar responded well to the treatment and was discharged the following day.

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