Arts council hosts book launch of Khalid Fatmi’s ‘Namurad Karachi’

The Arts Council Karchi organized the book launch of Khalid Fatmi’s latest work, “Namurad Karachi,” at Haseena Moin Hall.

The event was graced by the special presence of the President of the Arts Council Karachi, Muhammad Ahmed Shah, and was presided over by Shakeel Adilzada. Prominent speakers included Parveen Rao, Khadim Hussain Soomro, Kashif Raza, Akhlaq Ahmed, and Waqar Azeem Fatmi.

In his address, Muhammad Ahmed Shah remarked that the book’s title strikes a chord. He said that Karachi is a city that fulfills everyone’s dreams and never disappoints.

He mentioned that while the city nurtures talents and fills empty lives, it has suffered wounds itself. Shah also announced that the upcoming Aalmi Urdu Conference would honor those who have made their names through Karachi.

Shakeel Adilzada noted that Khalid Fatmi’s dissatisfaction with Karachi’s evolution can be observed in his book, which portrays the changing dynamics of Karachi from various perspectives.

Akhlaq Ahmed highlighted that the book represents the unique transformations of Karachi, seen by outsiders but often unnoticed by its residents. He praised Khalid Fatmi’s fearless and candid approach to discussing sensitive topics and taboos of society.

Aqeel Abbas Jafri commented on the citizens’ interest in Karachi’s narrative, stating that the book is not a historical account but a lamentation of the city, as reflected in its title.

Khadim Hussain Soomro emphasized that Fatmi has spotlighted forgotten places in Karachi, describing the work as a truthful portrayal amid the country’s fading social and moral values.

Waqar Azeem Fatmi lauded the author for encapsulating six decades of Karachi’s essence in his four-hundred-page book. He lamented the lack of recognition for writers in the country and stated that dead nations forget their benefactors before their demise.

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