Juhi Chawla tells why she rejected Salman Khan’s marriage proposal

Bollywood star Salman Khan recently revealed in an interview that he had proposed marriage to actress Juhi Chawla in the early stages of their careers. Despite his now-superstar status, the proposal was declined by Chawla’s father, who cited the actor’s then-nascent career as the reason.

Salman Khan, who has dominated the Indian film industry for over three decades, remains one of its most eligible bachelors at the age of 58. The revelation came during a candid discussion about his personal life, where Khan expressed his early fondness for Juhi Chawla, describing her as “innocent-looking,” which had profoundly charmed him.

Juhi Chawla confirmed that Salman Khan had approached her for marriage at a time when she was primarily focused on building her career. She admitted not knowing Salman Khan well enough then, as he was not as popular as he later became. Her focus on her rising career led her to decline the proposal.

Salman Khan’s romantic history includes high-profile relationships with several leading ladies of Bollywood, including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Katrina Kaif. This revelation provides a rare glimpse into his less publicized personal endeavors.

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