Pakistan Army successfully tests long-range Fatah-II rocket system

The Pakistan Army on Wednesday successfully conducted a training launch of the Fatah-II Guided Rocket System, boasting a range of 400 kilometers. The test aimed to refine launch procedures and drills.

The Fatah-II, equipped with cutting-edge navigation technology, features a unique trajectory and exceptional maneuverability, allowing it to hit targets with high precision and penetrate advanced missile defense systems.

Fatah-II rocket

The Fatah-II is being integrated into Pakistan’s Artillery Divisions for precision strikes on deep targets, significantly enhancing the range and lethality of the Army’s conventional arsenal.

The launch was observed by the Chief of the General Staff of the Pakistan Army, senior officers from all three services, and a team of dedicated scientists and engineers.

The President, Prime Minister, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Chief of Army Staff, and the chiefs of all services extended their congratulations to the participating troops and scientists for this significant achievement.

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