X social media to launch TV app, directly competing with YouTube

X’s social media platform is preparing to rival Google-owned YouTube with the upcoming launch of its dedicated TV app, as announced by CEO Linda Yaccarino. The app will empower users to upload high-quality videos and enjoy an immersive entertainment experience on larger screens.

Yaccarino shared the exciting news on the platform, emphasizing X’s commitment to revolutionizing content consumption from small screens to big screens. The forthcoming X TV App promises real-time, engaging content delivery directly to smart TVs, positioning itself as the go-to companion for high-quality entertainment.

Key features of the app include a trending video algorithm to keep users updated with popular content, AI-powered topic organization for easy navigation, and enhanced video search capabilities. Additionally, the app will offer seamless casting and will soon be widely available across most smart TVs.

Yaccarino encouraged community involvement, inviting users to share their ideas to further enhance the platform’s offerings. With X’s dedication to innovation and user engagement, the stage is set for a new player to enter the TV app landscape and provide a compelling alternative to existing platforms.

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